Dupejent 200mg newly included... coverage expanded to include children

Dupejent 200mg newly included... coverage expanded to include children

Sanofi-Aventis Korea's severe atopic dermatitis treatment Dupixent Prefilled Syringe 300mg is expanding insurance coverage to pediatric and adolescent patients, and the 200mg product will also be newly listed in expanded range next month.

The government plans to expand the special payment range to eliminate existing blind spots in severe atopic dermatitis treatment in response to this development.

Korean Janssen's Earlyda Tablet (Apalutamide), used to treat metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer (mHSPC), will be newly listed as a risk-sharing contract reimbursement-type product in the 20,000 won range.

According to industry sources on the 21st, the Ministry of Health and Welfare is planning a revision of the "List of Drug Benefits and Maximum Benefit Amounts" with the aim of applying it from next month 1st.

A total of four new products are being newly listed, one product has expanded its usage range (coverage), and four products are undergoing contract negotiations with the National Health Insurance Corporation as their RSA (risk-sharing arrangement) period expires.

The new listing items include four products in total, while the range of use (coverage) is expanded for one product, and negotiations are underway with the National Health Insurance Corporation for four products whose RSA period has expired.

Newly Listed Products = Earlyda Tablet has been newly listed next month at KRW 24,500, making it eligible for health insurance coverage. This drug is used in combination with androgen blockade therapy (ADT) for the treatment of hormone-responsive metastatic prostate cancer and received product approval on December 30, 2020, in Korea. Currently, it is listed in a total of seven countries, including the United States, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

The company applied for insurance listing at the Korea Pharmaceutical Evaluation Institute (KP) evaluation committee on November 30, 2021, and the committee proceeded with an evaluation in February of the following year, the Economic Evaluation Sub-Committee, the RSA Sub-Committee, and the List of Drug Benefits Evaluation Committee in December.

At that time, the Drug Benefits Evaluation Committee judged that there was adequate cost-effectiveness among the economic evaluation results, but also that there was a possibility of increased market share and financial impact, so it was determined that the drug price should be reduced to ensure payment appropriateness.

The company accepted these results, and the drug was included in the insurance negotiation table with the National Health Insurance Corporation, and it succeeded in being listed in April. The National Health Insurance Corporation expects the actual additional budget to be negligible compared to alternative therapies when considering factors such as RSA reimbursement rates.

Dupixent Prefilled Syringe, which is used to treat severe atopic dermatitis in adults, will also be covered by insurance for the 200mg product, which reduces the dosage. This product is already listed and covered by insurance for the 300mg dosage.

In conclusion, Sanofi-Aventis Korea's Dupixent and Korean Janssen's Earlyda have been newly listed as insurance-covered drugs for the treatment of severe atopic dermatitis and hormone-responsive metastatic prostate cancer, respectively. The Korean government is planning to expand insurance coverage in order to eliminate blind spots in severe atopic dermatitis treatment.